Time to make some introductions.

We are trainline

At Trainline, it’s our people that make us who we are. No matter where you join us, you’ll work closely with our Leadership Team. Time to make some introductions…

Clare Gilmartin – Chief Executive Officer

eBay Europe, Boston Consulting Group, Unilever

“Rail was the sector that technology forgot. We’re on the tipping point of changing all that.”

Clare is focussed on accelerating growth. She recognises there’s huge opportunity in rail travel both in Europe and the UK. And with the increasing demand to keep connected when on the move (something she appreciates herself, with three kids and a busy work/home life), there’s a modal shift from road and air travel to rail. Her take is that the potential is immense and she’s determined to realise that. She’s passionate about developing high-performance teams. Clare also encourages feedback from her teams and has breakfasts and lunches to encourage informal discussions. Her style of leadership is more collegiate in approach, where successes are celebrated and mistakes learned from.

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Jean-Daniel Guyot – President, Trainline International

Jean-Daniel Guyot is President of Trainline International, a position he took in early 2016 after Captain Train, the business he co-founded in 2009, was acquired by Trainline. After studying for a degree in computer science, Jean-Daniel has developed a diverse range of skills and experience in the technology sector, both as a developer and business leader. Today, he oversees the strategy, product and growth of Trainline International.>

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Daniel Beutler – General Manager, Trainline International

Daniel Beutler is General Manager of Trainline International and has extensive experience in the rail industry, with previous roles at Captain Train, where he was COO and Deutsche Bahn, the German national railway, where he held a number of roles during his tenure, as CEO of France, Director of Western Europe Sales and Marketing, and Director for Emerging Markets.

Daniel is German, trilingual and studied Management and Transport at the Leuphana University of Luneburg as well as at McGill University. He holds a Master of Transport Economics from the Technical University of Dresden. In his free time, Daniel loves to cook, listen to music and enjoys playing tennis.

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Simon Darling - Chief Commercial Officer

Unilever, Fonepark, Skype, Jack & Anna

“Train travel purchasing habits are steeped in 200 years history of buying a ticket from a railway station. That’s just one of the ways we’re looking to revolutionise the industry.”

Simon was attracted by Trainline’s unique culture. It offers the scale and resources of a big corporate, but the attitude and speed of a start-up – something that appealed to his corporate and start-up digital background. Heading up the Marketing, Trainline for Business and New Business teams, he’s using data and insights to gain a deeper understanding of customer behaviours to optimise opportunities. And he’s looking for people who are bright, analytical and committed to data. For Simon, it’s these kind of people that will take advantage of the opportunities Trainline presents: growth, international exposure and the chance to work with an exceptional ecommerce team with supportive financial backer.

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Bill Hopkins – Operations Director

KPN QWEST, EUNET Internet Service Providers, Mercury Communications, Cable & Wireless Jamaica

“It’s an exciting time where anything’s possible. For us, it’s all about having great ideas on how we can improve our customer experience and turning them into reality.”

Bill’s been at trainline for 13 years and has played a major role in its growth and development. As the business focuses on working with the major train operating companies to create even better customer experiences – not just in the UK, but in Europe too – he’s clear that there’s never been a better time to join. Committed to driving continuous improvement, Bill highlights that the opportunities are there for anyone who doesn’t think conventionally, is passionate about making a difference and balances a sense of fun with getting things done.

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Neil Murrin – General Counsel and Regulatory Director

Immarsat, Nabarro LLP, Sinclair Roche and Temperley

“We’re a successful, fast-moving, growing company. The depth and breadth of experience you’ll gain is second-to-none.”

Neil joined trainline ten years ago partly because it was a tech company, but also because it crossed so many other sectors – such as rail, travel, consumers, businesses and services. He enjoys working here because the company is always evolving and he’s able to use his experience on countless levels. As an in-house function, he’s always been keen that the team fully integrates themselves. He asks that they act like a business unit that adds-value, not as a collection of lawyers. It’s an approach that’s earned the team both internal and external praise; recently winning them the coveted Halsbury Legal Award 2015 for In-house Team of the Year.  For those that want to apply their legal knowledge and commercial acumen to a flat-structured business to really help shake up the industry, trainline will provide all that and more.

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Mark Holt – Chief Technology Officer

CPA Global, Trayport, ABN Amro, GE Capital, FT.com, NeXT

“We have completely redefined the way we build software here. We’re totally product-centric. We create cross-functional teams, give them a KPI and ask them to deliver innovative solutions. So far the results have been phenomenal”

Mark is a self-confessed geek, but he combines that with the kind of personality and commercial acumen which is needed to help Trainline grow.  Mark cares deeply about constant innovation through deep customer understanding, investment in leading edge technology and the creation of cross-functional teams with clear goals and total empowerment. It’s the sheer scale and volume of business, with the excitement of using technology to power smarter rail journeys for millions of people, which he sees as the key challenges – and opportunities – for his team.

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Jonathon Moore – Chief Product Officer

Hailo, Microsoft, Skype, The Guardian

“The rail industry is ripe for disruption. We’re using data, and a strong sense of design, to drive fast-paced product development.”

Jon’s passion for product development is infectious, yet he balances his enthusiasm with pragmatism and drive for outstanding customer service. He knows that two-thirds of what they think will work, won’t. And the third that will work, takes time. That’s why data is king. And, as a Webby and British Design Awards winner himself, he’s keen that they produce designs to match. He encourages innovation and creativity from the bottom-up and he’s looking for product design and development ‘rock stars’ with no egos.

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Robin Hancock – Chief People Officer

Wonga, Victrex Plc, eBay Europe, Skype, Capital One  

“We’ve got a once in a lifetime business opportunity to take advantage of the current market conditions. Everyone is pulling in the same direction to make it happen.”

Robin’s background means he’s worked at businesses where they’ve either undergone accelerated growth or a huge culture change. At trainline, he’s using his wealth of experience to tackle both. He sees trainline as a place that’s got entrepreneurial spirit and the experience to make things happen. But to drive the business forward, trainline needs to also harness the very best of what’s out there, to add to our existing capability and experience, and translate all possible resources to the business opportunity we have. He believes it is trainline’s open, highly collaborative and fast-paced way of working that will help to attract the kind of talent that’s needed to deliver the business’ ambitious goals.

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Alidad Moghaddam – European Director, Trainline for Business

Blinkbox, TotallyMoney.com, Moneysupermarket.com

“I had no idea just how big trainline was until I was approached. It’s exciting to be part of a fast-paced company, that’s committed to innovation and capable of making a whole industry follow its lead.”

Alidad was drawn to trainline for many reasons, but what intrigued him most was the sheer potential of the business. On almost every level, there was potential to break new ground: whether that was in the international arena, the technologies they used, the product advancements they could make or the positive impact trainline could have on their customers’ lives. Now that he’s heading up the trainline for Business division, he’s all set to use his experience to optimise how businesses can use train travel to their advantage.

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Sophie Krishnan - General Manager, Business and Ancillaries

Sophie Krishnan joined Trainline in May 2016 from Egencia, Expedia’s business travel arm where she worked for five years. She held the roles of VP Business Development & Strategy in Paris, and VP Product and Marketing in London. Prior to Expedia, Sophie spent six years in consultancy with Bain & Company and started her career with an investment fund. Sophie passionately believes in creating innovative solutions for customers, and says that the diverse and dynamic Trainline culture reminds her of a book that she loves ‘Go Fast, Be Good, Have Fun’ by Bode Miller, a skier and Olympic gold medalist. A French national, Sophie lives in London with her family, where she gained her first degree in Finance & Accounting at the London School of Economics, before graduating with an MBA from Stanford in 2004. She is a keen sportswoman and like Bode Miller, is a skier. Sophie also likes to learn new skills and as such, is currently learning to play tennis.

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