Technology is allowing us to change a 200 year old habit

About us

Trainline is a technology driven company. And whilst the end result is improved travel experiences, what really excites us is the technology that enables us to have a positive impact on our customers’ lives. Our customers are at the heart of all we do. We get to know them, think what they might need (before they even know they need it) and then we come up with timely and easy-on-your-pocket advanced technology solutions. And what’s so exciting, is there’s still so much untapped potential for us to explore.

Our Future

If you’ve heard about us, then you probably know what we’re already great at. And that’s at being market leaders in e-commerce ticketing, live rail information, journey planning, money saving and smart mobile tickets. So the question, quite rightly, is what next?

Whilst we were formed in 1997, in 2015, we were acquired by KKR – a leading global investment firm.  For us, it marked an exciting new phase in our company’s history. With their backing, we’ve got the investment of a company who is as confident in our ambitious growth plans as we are. It’s enabling us to take our customers’ experiences to a whole new level. To create ever-smarter, technology-enabled journeys.

That’s why we’ve set our sights firmly on ramping-up our mobile usability and functionality; we’re fast-forwarding the rollout and take-up of e-ticketing; and we’re expanding into Europe. And we can do this, because we have the knowledge, the investment and the people to make it happen. Trainline helps customers to travel smarter and save time, money and hassle.

Our History

Like trains themselves, we’re more about moving forward than back. However, you might be interested to hear about where we’ve come from to understand where we’re heading. Formed in 1997, we were originally set up as the ticket call centre retailing division of Virgin Rail Group. In 1999 we rebranded to become and became a standalone business in 2002. Since then we’ve constantly evolved to make sure we’re keeping ahead of the curve.  

More recently, in 2015, we re-branded to become Trainline with a fresh new colour palate and logo.  In March 2016, we acquired Captain Train, one of Europe’s leading digital rail ticket retailers, to become the leading independent train ticket retailer in Europe and a ‘one-stop-shop’ for rail travel across 24 countries. Later in the year, Captain Train adopted the Trainline name and visual identity – and was born.

Our Culture

Our culture is constantly evolving. And that’s because every person who joins us brings something different to the business: new skills, new beliefs, new interests. It means we’re a pretty diverse bunch. In fact, we have 35+ different nationalities represented across our teams based in our London, Edinburgh and Paris offices. And that makes for a lively, interesting and intellectually stimulating work environment. However, at the core, despite our differences, we’re linked by some very clear common goals.  

We all believe we can make the lives of our busy customers better and the train experience a more enjoyable way to travel. So we go all out to help them at every point of their journey – using data, design and technology to best effect. But as much as it’s about our customers, it’s about our people, so we work hard to understand each other. We listen to each other, we’re honest and treat each other with respect. We are a team. We are Trainline.

Together, we look for innovation and improvement in pretty much everything we do. It’s something of a habit. And then, we see it through to the end. It’s a way of working that’s producing great results.

But of course it’s not all about work. We like to socialise too. Sometimes that means popping out for a drink after work, or chatting together at one of our CEO’s breakfast meetings. Sometimes, it’s a team event and, of course, there’s Thirsty Thursdays and numerous company parties. But equally, there are many of us who like to take time out to give a little back. There are many charities we work closely with, giving our time as well as raising and donating our money. It’s something we all get a lot out of and helps build up an even closer-knit team spirit.